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Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Week in Machala!

Hi Dad! Thanks for the update! Sounds like a busy week! Kind of like mine are!

I've been pretty good this week, although I got a little sick last Friday, I think it was from a hot dog I ate for lunch :( It was prepared well and all, oh well, I feel perfectly fine now, so no worries! 

In terms of missionary life, it's interesting for sure! No interesting foods this week, but we ate chicken and fries twice yesterday, for lunch and dinner! It was really good! My daily schedule is really busy. We wake up at 0630 every morning, do some exercising for half and hour, then we shower (they're cold, but not freezing cold, so I'm always quick in showering) and prepare. From 0800 to 0900 we have personal study, from 0900 to 1000 we have companionship study. From 1000 to 1300 we go out and proselyte/teach and then eat lunch from 1300-1400. From that time until 2100 we proselyte and teach some more. We plan until 2130 (most nights it goes until 2200 though!) We're able to eat something while and after we plan! Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays are the only days that have a different schedule. P-Day Monday, district meeting on Tuesday, and Church on Sunday, we attend at the same time you do! From 1500-1800 for us!
We get $160 every month, which rolls over as well, so there's a little bit extra every month!

Everything is good here, it's starting to rain a little bit more every week, so the temperatures have cooled down a little!

Love you!
Elder G!

Hello Mom!

I'm not sure where my blessing would be, perhaps in my room... I think that's where I last left it. You can probably ask Patriarch Cornea for another copy.

The weather has cooled down just a little bit here, as it's starting to rain a couple times a week, a welcome blessing!

I'm glad you're staying busy with the business! I love hearing about the projects you're all doing! 

Last week was pretty busy, and this week is sure to be as well, because next week we have "Cambios" or Transfers. I probably won't find out until Sunday if I'm going anywhere, or if I'll stay in Puerto Bolivar here in Machala.
Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, I know you're always in mine as well! It keeps my motivation level up! That still, small voice is powerful at times!

This week should be fun, I get to speak in Sacrament meeting! Hopefully I don't butcher Spanish too bad!

Disfruta su semana! (Enjoy your week!)

Con mucho amor (With much love)
Elder G!

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