Garrett in front of the Guayaquil Temple

Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May 2011 Update from Machala

Hello again family!

I am happy to hear that another week has gone by quickly! Another week has passed by quickly here as well! And yes, I am using a computer where I can send photos! Finally!

Let's see, this week was pretty good in terms of the work. We managed to find some new investigators and have been teaching them some commandments and some of the lessons in detail. For some reason or another, the people we are finding now are more interested than the people in the past, something I'm grateful for! We have two investigators, Omar and Wilmer, who are progressing quickly towards baptism, always a happy time for a missionary! We're aiming for 28 May as their baptismal date. The 30th is when we have transfers, so we're hoping to get the baptisms in before that time! You could say the final week of this transfer is crunch time!

My new companion, Elder Choc, is a really good missionary! I think I mentioned this last week, but he has only 3 months left on the mission, so he's really working hard to finish strong. Before the mission, he didn't speak very much Spanish, because he's from a part in Guatemala where it's a native dialect. But he picked up Spanish really quickly and speaks very well. He spent 18 months of his mission in Guayaquil! That is a long time in one city! But there are a lot of sectors in Guayaquil, so he moved around from time to time. He says he is enjoying Machala because it is cooler in terms of temperature than in Guayaquil. Speaking of Guatemala, Andy Smith emailed me saying he received his mission call and will be serving in the Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission. He leaves 21 September for the Provo MTC! He said he is really excited! I am also excited for him, and for Danny and Ben, who will be leaving in the next few weeks as well!

I have attached quite a few pictures, I hope they all get to you! They are of the Temple in Guayaquil, some height disparity (you'll understand why I say that when you see the picture) even a FIRE close to our house! When the Zone Leaders yelled "INCENDIO!" my journalist skills jumped into action, I went right for my camera. and got some photos. Also included are some photos of where we are living and some of my mad cooking skills. We had lunch with our district today and made hamburgers, which were excellent, mostly because I cooked them! Hehehe!

Something exciting coming up here rather quickly is the visit of Elder Richard G. Scott, of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles! He will be speaking exclusively to the missionaries of the Guayaquil North and Guayaquil South missions on the 25th of this month in Guayaquil. So that will be a very exciting time to hear an Apostle of the Lord give us some words of advice!

Enjoy your week! And again, I hope the pictures get to you! Thanks for the pictures of the banner for Javier Morales and of the robins by the house! Your camera is very good, Dad!

I love you all! Take care! More pictures next week as well!
Elder Garrett Cederquist
MisiĆ³n Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

(NOTE: No pictures were attached to Garrett's e-mail)

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