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Monday, June 27, 2011

27 June 2011 Transferred Again, I'm In Guayaquil--Las Esclusas

Hello family! This week has been absolutely crazy and fast! I'm not sure exactly sure where to start the story, so I'll recap last week. As you know, I was transferred from Puerto Bolivar to La Aurora about 2 weeks ago, last Saturday (25 June) we had the three baptisms I said we would have, and Sunday (yesterday) we had three confirmations, which is the important part! But that's where the story changes. After we had our daily planning session yesterday and were about to eat something before bed, the Assistants called informing us of yet another transfer! And guess what, I was transferred yet again!!!! I'm now in Guayaquil, in a sector called Las Esclusas, in the Guasmo Sur Zone. So today has been full of traveling and moving into yet another house! This transfer, which started 30 May and goes until 10 July, has seen me in three sectors! I'm now on my 5th companion in about 4 months of being in Ecuador. My new  companion is Elder Blau, from Kailua, Hawaii. He has a year and eight months on the mission, same as Elder Donoso, my last companion. I'm still living with the Zone Leaders, the way it's been since I got to Ecuador, which I don't mind, since we're all from the United States this time around. I was sad to leave La Aurora and Machala, because I felt as if I was starting to know a lot about the city and the people. But hey, you know me, I like to travel, so being in another city will be fun!
This week we will have two baptisms, so it's kind of a freebie for me, but that's ok! I don't know too much about the sector or Guayaquil really as of right now, so the next few weeks should be full of information, always a good thing!
So I didn't get too many good pictures of sector La Aurora, mainly due to the fact I was only there two weeks, but the pictures I have sent are of the three baptisms we had on Saturday. Image 360 is of Manuel Coronel and his family, Image 356 is of Antony and Ivan Loor (and their little brother Jhoel, who wanted a photo too! They will all be great members of the Church and are excited to progress.
Sounds like everything is going well back home, something that always makes me smile.
Well, not much more to say other than I Love You and have a great week, I'm sure I will have a great week as well getting to know this new sector and the people here!
Love you all!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
MisiĆ³n Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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