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Monday, January 23, 2012

23 Jan 2012 ¡HOLA desde un Guayaquil muy caliente!

¡HOLA FAMILIA desde un Guayaquil muy caliente! Hi family, sounds like all is well back home, and finally the snow decided to show! That's always good news! Here in Guayaquil it's been another rainy, humid, hot week! This week went by a little bit faster than the last, for which I'm grateful for! It's better when the weeks go by fast, it means there's a lot to get done in the Lord's work! Well, this week was yet another of finding people to teach, which we managed to find many people who have seem to taken notice that this message we share is a blessing in their lives, and that it can help them through difficult times, and it's not just something we say to interest them! We're working with a few families right now who are part-member families, which for us is what President Montalti calls "mangos bajos" or "low mangos," meaning that the people are easier to work with, they don't have or have very few challenges they need to get over. For the "mangos altos" ("high mangos,") that's a different story, more hurdles to jump over, more difficult the task of preparing them for baptism. Right now, we are working with the mangos bajos, which we feel will produce results, perhaps not for the end of this month, but the beginning of February (wait, did I just say February? Wow!) I thought we just started January!

This past week I had a few "workshops" with President Montalti, where we learned, as Senior Companions, how to help people overcome obstacles that prevent them from being baptized. It's all about the investigator solving the problem, even though at times they think we as missionaries are the ones to resolve their problem. And it works, I saw it first hand in teaching some of our investigators this last week, and we'll be using that method for the weeks to come! 

Well, other than that, not too much else to report, it was a pretty plain week. But this week looks to be more lively in getting people to commit to baptism!

Hey, I'm still waiting for you guys to send me some photos of the "new look" house! I'll send some more photos next week, I don't have much time today, as we had a multi-zone conference with President Montalti this morning, which kind of cut our time down, but that's ok!

I love you all, take care and have a great week, maybe more snow will fall! Here it's likely to be more hot, more rain, and more humidity. Awesome! :)

Chao for now!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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