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Monday, January 9, 2012

9 Jan 2012 Wet in Guayaquil

Hello family from a cloudy, somewhat rainy Guayaquil! Well, first things first, I was transferred yet again from the 7 de Septiembre Ward to the Puerto Nuevo Ward. Now if Puerto Nuevo sounds familiar to you, it should, it's in the stake with the same name, Puerto Nuevo, and it borders my old sector, Las Esclusas, so a lot looks familiar here! I was a little bit bummed about this change due to the fact that Elder Curtis and I had two baptisms lined up for this weekend, and we had worked really hard for them, but the Lord works in His ways, so I can't do too much about that. My new companion, companion number 12, is Elder Alvarez, from Granada, Nicaragua. He has 6 months on the mission and has been in this sector for about 3 months.

Well, the last week in Siete was pretty good, we found a lot of new people to teach, got more help from the members, and we were thinking that transfers wouldn't come for us. But as I was praying last night, just about to get into bed, the Zone Leaders called, and said I had a transfer, the only one of the four missionaries in the house. At first I was more shocked than anything, then a little bit sad to know I won't be able to see those baptisms. So then it was off to packing, which surprisingly only took an hour to do, as I had most of my stuff all together. I wasn't expecting to be transferred, it's just I was organized enough so I could have everything ready to go in short time. The house I'm in now has to be the smallest house in the mission, without a doubt. I hope I don't get claustrophobic! But I should be fine, it's not as hot outside as it has been lately, as the rainy season has started, so the umbrellas will be coming out very soon.

Other than that, not too much is going on, mainly for the fact that I was transferred, so it will be another new time to learn and meet the people of this sector, even though I do know some of them just from being in Esclusas, so that is a bonus. I am still awaiting the package of the razors and journal you sent me. I hope it has arrived and it's just waiting in the office, but who knows....

I'm glad to hear it finally snowed! About time! The picture you sent me looks great! About pictures, I've not benn able to take too many lately, as P-Days have been super busy and seem super short! I suppose that happens when you complete a year on the mission! But I will get you pictures next week, as the Cyber were at is a really good one and my companion says the pictures send really fast! No worries, all is well with that!

Here soon I'll have to start getting some stuff to bring back for all of you. I'll try and look for some stuff!

Oh yeah, I got a "friendly" letter last week discouraging the use of blogs, as it's a matter of privacy, and the Church doesn't want problems with that. So you'll have to discontinue the blog, but encourage everyone to write me so I can share with them a little bit as well.

Hey send me some photos from the house and of all of you! And as I mentioned, I'll send photos next week!

Well, I love you all, I'm happy to hear all is going well and that everyone is in good spirits.
Take care this week, and I'll write more next Monday!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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