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Monday, February 27, 2012

27 Feb 2012 Rain in Guayaquil

My companion is just a little taller than me!
Hello family from what's now a "normal" Guayaquil after the festivities of Carnaval last week. It's also been somewhat of a rainy week as well, so that keeps the temperature down just a little, but when the rain stops, the humidity hits big time! That is the part that's not fun!

Well, this week we were going to have the baptism of Yamilet, but for just a small little inconvenience, it had to be postponed until this Saturday, but that's even better because her sister Gia will also be baptized with her! I feel it will be a much more spiritual experience for the two of them to be baptized in the same night. And we'll have more support from the ward, as many people were on an extended vacation last week, so there are multiple reasons this week is better! 

The work is improving here in Puerto Nuevo, what I mean by that is that more people are accepting our visits, listening to the message we share. Kind of hit a slow spot the past few weeks, but now we're starting to move a little faster this week, something I'm grateful for! I had to exercise a lot of patience the past few weeks for those good things to start happening. But Elder Herrera and I keep having our good attitudes, so we're seeing the blessing that come from that. You'll see in the photos I've sent just what I mean when I say my companion is tall... Cue the jokes, everyone already has here. I just take it in stride and laugh with them. The other photos are of just how hard it rains here. And if the mission just doesn't get more exciting, what happens when there is a little gap between the window frame and the wall? Water gets in! Hey! Let's just say that was a rather interesting, unplanned P-Day activity!

This past week I got a letter from Alden. I was really excited to see that he even sent a few pictures with how things are going in Australia. The letter was dated January 2, 2012! I'll have to write him back soon. He is such a good example to me. Hope is doing great!

Well family, that's about all that is going on here in GYE. The heat and the rain continue, but we'll make the best out of this week, it's sure to be a busy one!

I love you all, take care!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
MisiĆ³n Ecuador Guayaquil Sur
It rains hard here!
The rain comes down in buckets in Ecuador.

When it rains hard outside it usually gets wet inside also!

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