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Monday, March 19, 2012

12 March 2012

¡Hola familia! Well, this week was one of those weeks, where just about everything fell through! It was rather bizarre, seeing as all the plans we had made were good to start off with, but as the hours and days went on, things just fell flat on their face, but luckily we didn't! We stayed on our feet, trying to do what ever we could to get lessons in. Usually when that happens, I most times get a little frustrated, but not this time, I just kept a smile on my face and laughed it off. Sometimes the week I had happens, but we're going to have a better week working at our best capacity to finish off the last week of this transfer. I'm hoping not to get transferred, but we'll see how that all plays out. Elder Herrera and I are having a good time, the members are helping us out more and more, so there's not much to complain about, maybe just the heat and the rain storms, which seem to be passing only one or two times a week, as opposed to the weeks past, where it was every day. About April is when it'll be just full sunshine for just about the rest of the year, awesome! I'll have a very nice missionary tan to bring back home! Speaking of things to bring back home, is there anything special that you'd like me to look for to bring back as gifts? I'm kind of looking for some things as well to be able to remember Ecuador.

Can you believe almost six months have passed by since the last General Conference, a little over two weeks and we're at that time of year once again! I'm pretty excited to hear what the Prophet and other Church leaders have to say, it will be a great note-taker!

Well, really not too much else to report on this week, as I mentioned things were kind of slow, but should be picking up this week! So I'll make sure to get you a nice report in for next week! Enjoy the weather, the months of March and April are my favorite time for weather in Utah, not too hot, not too cold!

Until next week, chao!

Love you all!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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