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Monday, March 19, 2012

19 March 2012 Transferred Again!

Hello family from what is right now a rainy Guayaquil, it's been that way for most of the day! And before I begin this weekly update, I must inform you that I was transferred yet again this morning from Puerto Nuevo to Amazonas 2 (Amazonas 2nd Ward), still here in Guayaquil, but more closer to the center of the city. My new companion (I think that's my phrase for the mission) is Elder Doyle, from Long Beach, California. He has about 2 months more than I do here in the mission, and is now my 14th companion here in Ecuador. You might think that's crazy, but another Elder here in the mission today received his 20th companion, so I'm still a little behind, but headed for the same number. It was a bummer to leave Puerto Nuevo, because this past week was absolutely fantastic! We were able to put 6 baptismal dates with multiple investigators, all for the beginning and middle of April. And it was a bummer to leave Elder Herrera, who always kept me laughing, telling me many of his hilarious life stories. It was a little tough at first there in Puerto Nuevo, but I really believe it was our good attitudes that allowed us to have the success that we did. Oh, and that letter.... Haha! I had to take advantage of that opportunity of the sister going to the States, it saved a lot of time and money for me! I'm glad you enjoyed the surprise! I was going to write a few other letters, but I ran out of time, but maybe here soon I'll be able to send some letters out.

Well, as is every first week of being in a new sector, there is a lot to be learned, and in a short amount of time too! One of the things I've already learned is that church in this ward starts at 4 PM!!!! AHHHHHHH! That would be 3 PM in Utah, with the time change now in effect. But imagine that, 4-7 PM, and those are the best hours for teaching on a Sunday! There's a lot of adjusting to be done! Should be rather interesting, but I've heard that the attendance in the ward is really good.

Other than what I've written above, not much else has happened this week, it was a rather quiet, but productive week, and I'm hoping for the same this week and the weeks to come. I'll have more next Monday! Enjoy your week! Love you all!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
MisiĆ³n Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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