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Monday, March 21, 2011

21 March 2011 Machala, Ecuador--The Banana Capital of the World

Hi Dad!

The banana capital of the world is treating me very well! Down here, they're called Guineo, but they're still the same thing! And they taste delicious! There's even a banana factory in our sector!

Nice to hear that Chelsea have picked it up a little bit and that RSL keep winning! The Avs and Jazz, well, what can you say? Tough year!

10,000 dead in the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? My goodness, when we heard about it, it was at only 100! Unbelieveable.

We also heard about the conflict in Libya from some of the ward members, but what exactly is it over? The explaination we got was rather vague, and probably lost in translation a little bit!

I'm sorry to hear about Aunt Mary and Papa. I will definitely keep everyone in my prayers. By the way, how is the Beus family doing, especially Brielle and Shawn?

Happy to hear you all are doing well! The work is going great here. We have baptismal dates for this Saturday, 26 March, 2 and 9 April! Exciting stuff!

The pictures that are attached are: One of our district here in Machala (Top Row L-R: Elders Ochoa, Denison, Gaitan, Denning, Tabi, Bottom Row L-R: Elders Roberts, Bigelow and ME!) The second photo is of me with a chapel in the background! I'll definitely take more photos and send them next week!

Love you!
Elder Garrett, G-Train, G-Man!

Hi Mom! Last week was great and somewhat quiet! The field is great, but hot! The temperatures range from about 80-90 every day here in Machala. It's taken a little to get used to, but it's not too bad!

In regards to the address, the one listed in my call packet is for the mission home. Mail goes to the mission home, and we receive mail every Tuesday. It takes about 3 weeks for the mail to get here, and sending packages is expensive, between $16 and $30. Also, for packages, make sure there is a green sticker on it, which signifies that you paid for it at the Post Office. If not, I'd have to pay for it, and in reality, I wouldn't have time to pick it up because of the schedule we have.
Time is starting to go by really fast here! I can't believe it's Monday either!
You'll have to let me know how Alden's farewell went! I'm so excited for him and for all my friends who are in the field, in traning, or about to leave! Tell Auntie hi! Everything is going really great! Also tell the ward family hi!

Yes, I like the picture of Pres. Montalti and I as well. Funny story, when we arrived in Guayaquil on the 8th, we met him in the airport. When he saw me, he said "Oh, mi chiquito", which means "little boy"! He is a very nice, loving man.

Everything is great here, I'll send Ky some photos for you to look at!
Love you!
Elder Cederquist

Hi sis! You are quite the rebel for staying up late! I love Mondays too, so I can write and here about the goings on the "normal world!" The field is great, but very hot here in Machala! As of yet, I've not tried any different foods. In fact, I had McDonalds when I was in Guayaquil last week for Elder Denison's visa renewal. Lots of meat and rice down here, but it is always good and something to look forward to! Today we were in the shopping district of Machala and ate at Chili's! It was very good, a break from the ordinary! All is well here! I've attached some pictures for you to look at of Machala and the view we have from our house!
Oh yeah, take some pictures of the family and send them to me so I can show them to the people we teach, they're very family oriented down here and love to see photos of our families.

Glad to hear you're keeping busy! Did you hear anything about Kent's yet? Keep up the good work in soccer!

Love you Ky! Have fun!
Elder G-Train

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