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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 March 2011 Last Peruvian P-Day!

¡Mi Familia!
I hear everything is going good back home! Awesome to hear! Everything is super here as well! Less than one week left until Ecuador (finally!!!) Not a whole lot new going on here, just getting really excited to go into the field.
I am flying to Ecuador likely early Tuesday morning, we don't know our schedule and probably won't until Sunday night. All I know is we are flying on TACA Airlines, which I've heard is a good airline.
I'm excited to hear RSL is still on their winning ways, and some of the Elders freaked out when they heard D-Will was traded. Sounds like a crazy sports world! I've heard that the Middle East is going crazy as well, especially in Egypt. Maybe that will be the start of the Gospel being able to be preached there!
Yep, kind of a boring email (sorry), not too much exciting to report this week. Oh, and if anyone wants to write me via DearElder, have them send it to my mission, Ecuador Guayaquil South. I'm glad to hear all is good, tell everyone I say hi! Enjoy the RSL season!!!
Con mucho amor (With much love),
Elder Cederquist!

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