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Monday, March 28, 2011

28 March 2011 Machala, Ecuador

Hi Dad! Thanks for the recap of the week! Kason left for Russia today, huh? I thought he still had a week left in the MTC. Wow, that's super exciting! I think I know his email address so I'll have to send him a few lines! And isn't Austin Berenyi going to South Carolina? I can't remember if it's North or South...

It makes me smile whenever the LA Galaxy lose, especially against RSL! And it rained most of the game, huh? Here it is supposed to be the rainy season, but it has been abnormally hot here, something the members say is really weird for this time of year. They tell us it will probably start raining within a few weeks.

While I'm on members of the ward, I'll tell you some of their names and their callings in our ward. First is Gustavo Granda, he is the President of the Elders Quorum and he comes along with us quite a bit when we go to teach our investigators. Second is William Sarmiento, who is the Ward Mission Leader here. He helps us out with references and teaches awesome Sunday School lessons. He is very well-versed in the Bible and Book of Mormon, so he can answer just about whatever question in religion. Third is Daniel Salinas, who, on my first day in Machala, returned after serving his mission in Cuzco, Peru! He has been a great help to us as well in teaching our investigators. I would consider all three of them friends! They, like all the people here, are really humble and nice.

Our investigators had a tough week this past week. We didn't have the baptism as we were planning, and next week is General Conference, so we want to have baptisms on the 9th, but most likely we'll have them on the 16th. Oh yeah, I'll be sporting my Fast Sunday tie on the 10th and I'm giving a talk on the 17th!

I forgot March Madness was even going on... I'm surprised Duke isn't in the Final Four.

Other than that, nothing new is going on. We just keep pushing forward! Time flies by here!

Thanks for the pictures! I'll print them out! I've attached some pictures as well of when we went to center of Machala today!

Talk to you next week! Enjoy General Conference!
Love you,
Elder Garrett!

My Dearest Mom!

This email always will find me happy!
This week went by pretty quick as well. We unfortunately didn't have our baptism as we were planning, so we've had to push it back to the 16th of April. We've not had a baptism yet in the time I've been here, something both Elder Denison and I hope changes really quick! Patience definitely is a virtue!

I haven't met Elder Tait personally, because he is serving in the El Oro zone, and I'm in the Machala Zone, but I'll keep an eye out for him. The weather has been hot here, it should be raining about this time of year, but it hasn't, so it's been really confusing for us and the members to figure out!

Cody's parents are awesome people. I met his entire family when he went through the Temple some months back! And I'm keeping in touch with Cody while he's out in the mission. And Alden's parents as well! All is well with them I take it?

Time is really going by quickly here! It seems like some days are really long, but then I look back on the week and think "Wow, we did a lot in a little time!"

I'm glad all is well back at home! Tell everyone I say hi!

Talk to you next week! I'm sure I'll probably still be thinking "Where did this week go?"

Love you!
Elder Garrett!

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