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Monday, July 25, 2011

25 July 2011

Hello family once again! Another week has quickly come and gone, and it sure went by really fast! I feel like I haven't seen much of this month as it has gone by super fast! I have now been in Guayaquil for a month now! 
This last week we had a another "free" baptism! The granddaughter of a very active family (the Reinel family), who was actually baptized at age 8 had to be baptized once again, because after her first baptism, the ward secretary in Esmeraldas (northern Ecuador) didn't put in the information in the Church member system (MLS), and it's likely those papers are long gone, so a rebaptism was needed. So Saturday I was able to baptize Nahomi, once again, and I even got to do the confirmation on Sunday in Sacrament meeting. It was really a great experience! This week we could have two baptisms, but there is some work to be done for them, but we're going to throw everything we can at them to save them. Also, we've been putting baptismal dates with people for August, so we're hoping to have a lot in August, especially for the 27th! :)) I'll have to come up with a creative way to put a baptismal date with someone for the 27th, hahaha!
This last weekend, and even today is a little bit slow, because the ENTIRE city of Guayaquil is celebrating the birthday of the city, which happens to be the 25th of July, today. A lot of places are closed for this feriado (holiday) so we were lucky in finding a Cyber to write.
Let's see, some interesting things that have been going on here in Ecuador: President Rafael Correa wants the El Universo newspaper to pay him $80 million for things the paper has criticized him on. The judge in the case says El Universo should only have to pay $40 million, but Correa is being very insistant in getting $80 million out of the paper. From what I've heard, the US State Department is keeping a close eye on this. Also, Uruguay won the Copa America this year, after beating Paraguay in the final. Earlier in the week, Uruguay pulled off a huge upset in beating Argentina in PK's.
Glad to hear RSL is still playing great! How are they doing in the standings? And yes, I'm jealous that you're going to Bear Lake! Take photos and send them to me! How is the weather back home?
Oh yeah, tell Jakob Johnson I say hi! I thought he wasn't due to come home until September! From what you told me it sounds like he had a great time!
I had a brief interview with President Montalti last Wednesday and he says to send his regards to you all!
I also received a letter from Alex Petersen, Ky probably remembers him. He is in the MTC until August 16 and then is off to the Phillipines. I don't know whether to write him at the MTC address or the mission address, but I think I'll just send it to his mission home, but who knows how much that will cost! Hopefully not much, but then again, it is traveling across the majority of the Pacific Ocean!!!
Well family, all remains well here in Guayaquil, another fast, but busy week is here, and I'm sure it'll be Monday again before any of us know it!
Love you all, have a great trip to Bear Lake!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
MisiĆ³n Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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