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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

21 May 2012

¡Hola familia! Another week down on the mission, wow it sure was a busy one as well! Oh yeah, before I start, I did see Chelsea win the Champions League! I kind of freaked out watching the penalties, I won't lie. So I was pretty happy the rest of the day!

This week, as I mentioned, was pretty busy, meaning it was a good one! We have some more investigators to teach, who have family who are members of the Church, so that makes things easier for us in terms of teaching, because the investigators have someone to help them along as they learn more of the Gospel. We're also taking good care of our converts, who are doing great! It has been such a blessing to be able to find "the Lord's elect" while serving here in the mission. It's an awesome feeling to find those who are ready to accept the Gospel in their lives. I've seen many people who have made sometimes drastic changes in their lives to live according to the Commandments and Gospel. Not only for those who aren't members of the church, but also those who are perhaps less active. We visited a less active sister and her family this past week. She had been having some family problems and was giving up hope in that things would turn around. We then offered a prayer with her, asking Heavenly Father to help her overcome the challenges she had, just a really simple, heartfelt prayer. We also left the commitment for her to pray with her family in the night. Two days later, we visited the same family, and the difference in the sister's face was incredible. She had quite a big smile on her face, and mentioned to us how good she felt, that it had been a while since she had felt so good. Elder Castillo and I were taken back a bit by the response, and it built my testimony of prayer even more, that God really does listen and is ALWAYS willing to help, as long as we ask Him sincerely. Wow, I sure hope to have many more experiences like that in the seven and a half months I have left here in the mission!

Every day seems like it's the same thing over and over again, but there is always something new that I learn, albeit something really small and perhaps not important. I'm trying my best to keep my journal updated with these experiences, I recently started my second journal at the beginning of this month, so I'll be good to go for the remainder of the mission! But is May really starting to come to an end? I thought it just started! That's how it is when things are busy! Here in Guayaquil it's still trying to rain every now and then, a surprise rain shower almost left us out to soak, but we got inside pretty quick!

Congrats Ky on graduating this Wednesday! Wow, it's been two years since I graduated, I can't believe that! I want to see some photos! No worries, I'll try and get some more photos this week for you all as well!

Tell everyone I say hi!

Love you all, take care!
Elder Garrett Cederquist
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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