Garrett in front of the Guayaquil Temple

Friday, June 29, 2012

18 June 2012

¡Hola familia! Wow, sounds like this past seven days were quite fun! Looks like the weather is awesome back home! Thanks for all the photos! The yard looks totally different! And a bronze medal to go with it! Wow, good stuff! Oh, and a late Happy Father's Day to you Dad!

Yet another week has zipped by (I'm running out of adjectives to describe how fast time is going by :)), and it was a pretty good one as well! It was a rather good week to teach our recent converts some more, as now we have quite a few! We also found some new investigators who feel can progress quickly, so we will see how that goes in this next week. One of those investigators was definitely a Spirit-inspired contact, so there's got to be something good coming from that! We're still working with a couple of investigators and their family, helping them all get active in the church once again so the investigators can get baptized, for the end of this month is the goal for them. Our focus now is finding people to teach so that July can be just as great of a month as June has been. Another thing that's been nice about June, it's been a lot cooler outside! For example today, it can't be more than 75ºF outside, it's been cloudy all day too, so that is a welcome change! It'll be like this for a little while longer as the "cold" is here, ha ha!

Well, that's about all from here in Guayaquil! We are to be having a General Authority come and visit us this week, but we don't know who it will be! Oh, the mysteries of the mission! Next week, a report on that and more!

Take care family, I love you all! Have an excellent week! ¡Chao!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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