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Friday, June 29, 2012

4 June 2012

¡Buenas tardes familia! ¿Como están? Yo estoy bien y muy feliz!

Well, it's been an interesting, but fun week here in Amazonas 2 with Elder
Burger. I'm learning a little bit of German, but just a little, it's a very
difficult language to learn. Right now we're only albe to work only 2 or 3
hours a day because of a health problem he has, but that's not getting us
down or anything, because we actually had a rather productive week in
putting some baptismal dates and preparing for what will now be three
baptisms this coming Saturday. It was only to be one, but we've been able
to get permission to baptize two other investigators who actually don't
live in our ward boudaries, but are attending our ward every week. So it
has been pretty exciting getting that news, and now all the preparation
that goes into getting everything ready should make for an exciting week!
The Spanish term for having many baptisms in one night is "Noche Blanca"
(White Night- for all the white clothing you will see for those who are
getting baptized), but I'd call this one a Mini Noche Blanca, but soon
enough there will be a full on Noche Blanca! It's going to be a great start
to the month of June, the 17th month of my missionary service. I'm not sure
where exactly all that time has gone, but it sure has went by fast, and
continues to do so!

The photos this week, well they're of the funny sort: Elder Burger was
comfortably sitting in his chair Saturday during our studies when all of a
sudden, a rather odd noise sounded, and when I looked up, he was on the
floor! His chair, which was kind of old as it is, broke right in the
middle! I don't have a picture of the repair, but he tied rope around the
chair to hold it in place, so all is not lost in this case, although a new
chair will likely be on its way.

Well, not much else to report on this week, apart from that it will be a
great and busy week, that's what makes a mission great, always keeping busy!

Love you all, tell everyone I say hi yet again and that all is well!

Until next Monday, ¡CHAO!
Elder Garrett Cederquist
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Sur
Elder Burger

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