Garrett in front of the Guayaquil Temple

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

23 Feb 2011 Still at the Peru MTC

Things are great here! We were able to attend the Lima Temple for the first time today since it was closed for the last three weeks! It's a lot smaller than the Ogden or Provo temple, but the Spirit is still as strong there! Yes, you let me know Dad was in the SS Presidency. I've been perfectly fine, no sicknesses at all, but I do see some Elders a couple times a week come down with one thing or another. Tell everyone hi back! I knew Cody's farewell was Sunday, so I was thinking and praying for him a lot! He said he had to talk for 20 minutes! He should be just arriving at the MTC within the next few hour or so! Yep, everything is fine, under two weeks and I'll be in Ecuador! (Oh yeah, my new companion is actually from Guayaquil, Ecuador, and not Peru as my last email said.) Glad to hear things are great! Love you all, Elder G-Train!!!

Wow, I'm not jealous of the weather at all back home! It's sunny and about 80 most days here! Yes, the time is flying by! I'm glad you made it to Cody's farewell! He seems very excited to go! He'll be great! Food wise in Peru, we just eat in the cafeteria they have here. We can't eat anything from restaurants (although last Wednesday we did eat at a McDonalds in the center of Lima! It was delicious! We didn't go tracting last Saturday because our companions had only been here 3 days, but this Saturday we will go out to a place in Lima. My new companion, Elder Suarez, from Guayaquil, is AWESOME! He knows a little English so whenever I get tangled on some words he helps translate! I have been told I can't print anything from here, so it'll take a little while to get you my approval paper for my Scottrade account. Add one more Temple: Lima Peru. We were able to go this morning since it's been closed for the past three weeks. It was very nice to go, and interesting to do a session in Spanish! Everything is great here! Less than two weeks 'til Guayaquil! Email you next Wednesday! Love you! Elder G-Train!!!!

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