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Monday, January 7, 2013

10 Dec 2012

¡Hola mi familia! Wow, another week down, one week less to go, only four weeks left! Wow, sounds like you all had a great week, which makes me happy as always! This week went pretty good for us, but this week will be even better, as we are planning on having three baptisms! And what a great time to have them as well, with Christmas just around the corner! The holiday spirit is in the air, and I think that helps out a lot the progress of the Lord's work here on Earth. As it usually is with baptisms, this week will be pretty hectic, but that's alright, the time goes by faster when it is as such.

I must admit, while in Church yesterday, I felt rather weighed down, stressed I guess you could say, with getting our investigators to church, but after taking the Sacrament and saying a few prayers in my heart, I felt a big relief, and that feeling was increased when Maria Mercedes, who will be baptized this week, confirmed to us that she was absolutely sure she wants to be baptized. She had mentioned to us during the week that she was insecure about the decision, but after prayer and reading the Book of Mormon, she now is good to go for Saturday, along with her daughter, who has been sure all along the way, from the first visit! After that I was able to take a nice deep breath and the worries went away! Amazing how the Spirit works in people, and the power of prayer! My testimony of the two keeps on growing, and I imagine it will keep growing as I keep seeing the positive results!

Well, I guess I'll be in for a cold surprise when I get back, seeing as Dad mentioned that the temperature is at 25ºF today!!! Brrr!

That's the update for this week family, hope you all have success in what you do and that the Lord's Spirit may be with you all!

I love you all, tell everyone I say ¡Hola!
Elder Garrett Cederquist
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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