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Monday, January 7, 2013

31 Dec 2012

¡Hola familia desde Santa Rosa, donde me encuentro en mi último P-Day de la misión!

Wow, now didn't the time pass by really quickly? It doesn't seem like 104 weeks, but indeed it is! I'm definitely in for a big change in a week's time! I think I got a little scared seeing all the snow and the temperature! 12ºF! BRRRRRRRR! Please bring me TWO big jackets so I don't freeze leaving the airport!

Well, this is the last week, so I'm going to be throwing a big effort in getting several people baptized, possibly this Saturday, which is the way I'd like to go out: BAPTIZING! So it should be a very interesting week in working with all the investigators!

I was asked to give my "farewell" talk in the Branch yesterday since next Sunday is Fast Sunday, in which I had only 5 minutes to prepare, so it was just winging it talking about missionary work, I'd say it was a good talk for having so little time! Now I'll have to start preparing my homecoming talk!

Not too much in the way of a report this week, we found it kind of hard to teach people this last week due to the holidays, but this week appears that it will be much better!

I love you all, tell everyone I say hi and that I can't wait to see you all next Tuesday! Take care, have a fun New Year's celebration! See you on Tuesday! (Monday I won't send an email, I'll be in Guayaquil eating with President Montalti and the other missionaries who are leaving).

Nos vemos pronto!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
Misión Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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