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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

16 Feb 2011 Another Peruvian P-Day

Hello family! Everything has been really great down here this week in Peru. Not too many exciting stories to tell from tracting last Saturday, other than we were lost for most of the day in the shopping district of Lima, where we can't really contact people because there are no houses! But it was a good learning experience to know we won't have success every time we go tracting.
Later today we are taking a tour of Lima with just North Americans, because we're the only ones here until later today when our new Latino companions arrive. Most of us are planning to go to McDonalds to try and get a taste of America, which might be interesting. I try and see if I can upload some pics of that tonight, if not, then next Wednesday.
A little about my last companion, Elder Diaz... He's from Otavalo, Ecuador about 2 hours or so north of Quito, so not anywhere near my mission. He was teaching me a little Quichua, a native tongue which I may use while in Guayaquil. It took me a little while to get warmed up to him, but when I did, things were perfect! My next companion, Elder Suarez, is from Trujillo, Peru, probably an hour or so north of Lima. I'll either meet him tonight or tomorrow, because Elders who are from around Lima can arrive on Thursday.
I attached a picture of our last group after getting back from Tottus last week in front of the CCM. I am surprised to hear that Jerry Sloan is no longer the coach of the Jazz and that Cristiano Ronaldo is retired from football. Crazy, but I'm glad RSL's season starts very soon! Not much else going on here, the weather is nice the people are friendly, all-in-all, it's fantastic! Love you all, email you next week! -Elder Cederquist

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