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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week Three Provo MTC 18 January 2011

Hi Family!
Dad, yes, could you mail a 72-hour bag to me? It'd be really helpful! And yes, I saw Kason on Sunday night. His name tag is tough to pronounce, but he told me it's something like Straeeshina Hill, in English of course. It starts with CTAPE something something something in Russian, so I'm pretty happy mine is just ELDER. :)
This week has been great! Last Tuesday night, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles was the MTC Devotional speaker! It was incredible to be in the presence of a General Authority! I don't know who will be speaking tonight until about 5 minutes before the beginning.
Also, I received my travel plans for Peru. On the 26th of this month, I leave SLC at 9:55 am on Delta 1780 and arrive in Atlanta at 3:35 pm ET. At 5:15 ET I leave ATL for Lima on Delta 151, which is scheduled to land at 11:55 pm Peru time, which I believe is the same as ET. That will surely be a long day, since I have to be at the MTC travel office at around 5:30 am!
Overall, everything is great, and to answer Dad's question, my Spanish class seems more of a refresher than anything, so it's not too stressing. Again, I find myself in the laundry room typing this amidst organized chaos :) but that's ok, as long as I am able to communicate with you!
I hope everything is going fantastic at home! I'll get you an address for the Peru MTC when I get there... Hopefully! I will be able to call you when I'm at the SLC airport, and maybe Atlanta, so I hope to talk to you then!
Love you all, take care!
Elder Garrett!

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