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Thursday, February 3, 2011

27 Jaunary 2011 Lima, Peru

¡Hola Familia!
 I made it safe and sound to Lima last night about 11:45ish. We then had to pass Immigration and then go and get our bags. Luckily ALL of my bags made it in! That was my biggest worry, so my life got million times better after that! It took us about 30 minutes to drive from the airport to the CCM (MTC in Spanish). This place is way different than the United States.
The MTC in Provo consists of 19 buildings on a big campus, here there are only 3 buildings. Even more culture shock!!! We got to bed at nearly 2 am and were up by 6, so not the greatest of starts. I managed to get a nap in after having an interview with one of the MTC presidency, so I feel refreshed!
The food here isn't too different, as least as of now. Pancakes for breakfast and spaghetti for lunch. There are nearly 2,000 missionaries in Provo, but I think there are only 100 or so here, and they all speak Spanish. Cederquist definitely sounds foreign to everyone here since all the natives have native names, go figure!
It's pretty humid here, so we've set our room temperature to a nice 16 C (61 F). But so far all is well here, my P-Day is on Wednesday, so be looking for my emails then.
My address here is: Elder Garrett Michael Cederquist/ ECU-GUAS/Av. Melgarejo 159/ Urb. Campo Verde/ La Molina, Lima, Perú. Please do not send packages, as the customs fees and taxes here are very expensive. Please write to the address above for the first three weeks of my stay here, and for the three weeks following that, please write to my mission's address, which is in the booklet that my call came in.
I will probably get that address, but not until I get to Ecuador. Hope all is well! Love you! (PS, the Enter key on the keyboards don't work, so that why this seems like a long, run-on sentence!) I'll send pictures on Wednesday! I believe DearElder still works for here, so send them to the Peru MTC!

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