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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last E-Mail From The USA 25 January 2011

Hi Family!
Sounds like quite the interesting week back at home with that speed demon sister of mine! At least nothing worse happened, so we can be thankful for that.
This week has gone by like a blur yet again, but I'm not complaining! Elder Felton and I were able to do laundry early today since we leave tomorrow, so it's not as hectic in the laundry room. In regards to seeing me at the airport tomorrow, we've been counceled not to have family or friends there, I know, I don't like that rule either, but we are able to call home when we're at the airport. So I will call hopefully around 8 or 8:30 tomorrow morning from the Salt Lake Airport. My flight leaves at 9:55 to Atlanta, and then I have about an hour and a half layover before leaving to Lima, so I might be able to call from there as well, but I'll see what I can do when I get there.
I would upload some pictures but the computers here don't have SD Card slots, only USB jacks, which I find very odd...
Anything exciting happening back home? I heard that it's Pittsburgh and Green Bay in the Super Bowl. I had a feeling the Steelers would be in it, but against the Bears. Have you watched any soccer for me? Any word on how Chelsea are doing?
In all honesty it feels nice to be disconnected from the outside world and focus on the Lord's work. It's so much more gratifying. I'll make sure to divide my clothes up so I'll have enough to get by in the case I don't get some of my luggage. One of my teachers, Hermana Smith, served in Peru and went to the Lima MTC, so she shared pictures and stories with us last night. She said it's a great place and that we'll enjoy it. I'm really excited to go!
Anyway, I'll call tomorrow and make sure all is well, which I'm sure it is, but I'll double check with you! I'll get you a Peru MTC address when I get it, so if you could update my Facebook information as well, that'd be great!
Love you all, be safe, tell everyone I say Hi!
Elder Cederquist!
(PS, say hi to Kru too!)

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