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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

9 February 2011 Week Two in Peru!

Hello everyone! Week 2 in Peru was and has been fantastic!

On Saturday the 5th we went tracting in parts of Lima as part of our training! The VERY FIRST person we contacted invited us to teach her and her family a lesson about the gospel! Her name is Irma Guayta, somewhere in her 60s. She has had problems with thieves breaking in to her house nearly everyday. We taught that if she prays diligently those problems will go away sooner than later. We taught for a solid 40 minutes! It was incredible luck to contact one person and teach 3!

I've read some very exciting news back home! I can't believe the Packers won the Super Bowl! I also heard the Fernando Torres went from Liverpool to Chelsea on a transfer!

I am also SO excited to hear that Ben Seegmiller got his call to Armenia Yerevan! Wow, him and Kason both have difficult languages to learn, but I know they'll be able to with the Gift of Tongues and by their diligence! Glad to hear Cody has come over a few times and watched some Jazz games. Hopefully me leaving isn't the cause of their slump!!!!

Time is really flying by here, the North Americans here get new Latino companions next Thursday, so we get to tour Lima for a few hours on Wednesday. This has been quite an experience being in a foreign land, and I only was called 'Gringo' once on Saturday! But who knows, it could be more on this week!

Glad to hear everyone is happy, I know I am! Anyway, tell everyone hi and that it's great down here! Talk (or email) you next Wednesday! Love you all, Elder Cederquist!

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