Garrett in front of the Guayaquil Temple

Monday, August 27, 2012

5 July 2012 P-Day Change

Hi Family! No worries, everything is alright, we just had a change in the
schedule, but just for this week. So P-Day is today, Thursday! Today, we
were able to go to the Guayaquil Temple, the first time I've been there in
one year and two months! Wow, it was quite a wonderful experience! Today, I
also complete exactly 18 months in the mission! Only 6 months left! And
these next months will surely feel like only days! All-in-all it has been a
fantastic day! Oh, by the way, I met a new missionary here who is from
Greeley! What a coincidence! He says he lives by Sunrise Park, which he
told me is roughly 4th Avenue, ask Nana, she'll probably know! Thanks for
all the pictures! Nana and Papa's backyard looks great! I like that the
birdfeeder is still there! Good to hear everyone made it there alright!
Tell them all I say "¡Hola!"

Everything is going great here, we're still having a good time, still
learning some German here and there, and helping more people come unto
Christ! July is off to a good start, we even ate hamburgers yesterday as a
small 4th of July celebration! Glad to hear everyone is alright, hope you
have a great rest of the week! Monday will be here before you know it!

Love you all! Talk to you on Monday!

(Attached are a few photos of the Temple from today!)

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