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Monday, November 26, 2012

26 Nov 2012

Hi family from what is right now a rainy Santa Rosa! It appears to be
clearing up though. first time I've seen rain here in Ecuador since April
or so.

Wow, we had a pretty good week, mostly for the fact that we had a baptism
of an elderly gentleman named Luis. The interesting fact about Luis is that
after an unfortunate workplace accident several years ago, he was left
blind. It was a little different teaching him the principles, especially
the Book of Mormon, as he isn't able to see it for himself, so we made sure
to give very powerful testimony about the book so that it would profoundly
touch his heart. And it did! The baptismal service was excellent, but we're
a little short on time, so the photos will come next week! This week looks
to be good, as we'll be teaching more and more people! Today my 16th and
final transfer period began, I'm still with Elder Castro, but it's possible
tonight that there will be transfers, but I've been told I'll stay here in
Santa Rosa until the end of my mission, in the beginning of January! So
we'll see what happens with that! Six weeks to go!

Thanks for the photos, and a new car? I get to drive it too! And the turkey
you cooked looked delicious! Glad to hear all the family is doing good,
tell them all I say hi!

Have a great week, I love you all, and December begins this week! That
deserves a big WOW!

Take care everyone! Talk to you next Monday!

Elder Garrett Cederquist
MisiĆ³n Ecuador Guayaquil Sur

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